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Introducing Nordlys Laser

Spending time in the sun can cause unwanted damage, sun spots, and premature aging along with reduced collagen production of the face. Or perhaps you are bothered by the pitted scarring left from previous acne, diffuse redness or telangiectasias from rosacea, or stretch marks on the skin. If you are beginning to notice these concerning skin changes, the Nordlys treatments for Photo-Rejuvenation, Photo Frax or Fractioned Laser Resurfacing may help you achieve the brighter, smoother, and more evenly toned and youthful appearing skin you desired.

Below are the available treatment options that the Nordlys laser can offer you.

Nordlys SWT Laser – (Included in Photo-Facial and Photo-Frax Treatments)

How Does it Work?
The treatment involves delivering short, safe bursts of intense pulsed light into the skin. The Nordlys utilizes a patented dual mode filtration technology called Selective Waveband Technology (SWT). It filters the light to ensure the wavelengths used are absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood vessels and melanin in the uneven pigmentation. When cells containing a lot of melanin or hemoglobin are treated, they heat up and are destroyed. This treatment is ideal to reducing poikiloderma of the neck and chest, diffuse redness of the face, sun spots, telangietasias, cherry angiomas, venous lakes, and port-wine stains.

Can I Be Treated? 
Treatments are most effective in patients with light skin who are not sun-tanned at the time of treatment. If your skin is less tan, the contrast between the pigmentation, blood vessels and the background color of your skin is greater, making the treatment easier. However, the Nordlys has pre-programmed settings for different skin types. Your provider will determine if you are a candidate and what course of action is best for your skin.

What Can I Expect During the Treatment?
Full face treatments are usually less than 20 minutes but the treatment time may be more or less depending on your specific needs. No anesthetic or numbing creams are required, and many patients describe the treatment as practically pain-free, like a flick from a rubber band followed by a sensation similar to the feeling of gentle warmth after a day on the beach.

What Can I Expect Afterwards?
Sun spots will appear darker and look similar to coffee grounds following your treatment. Those peppery pigmented spots will fall off within 5-10 days. There will be generalized flushing to the skin and mild swelling which fades over the next few days. Vascular lesions will be less apparent or appear more purple/blue and slowly disappear over time. Occasionally bruising may be noted. More than one treatment spaced one month apart is often required to obtain the desired results.

Nordlys FRAX 1550 Laser – (Included in Photo-Facial and Photo-Frax treatments)

How Does it Work?
The FRAX 1550 laser treatment works by creating very small and controlled islands of heat damage, surrounded by normal healthy skin. When the body repairs this controlled damage, collagen throughout the treated area is replaced and increased in amount, reducing the fine lines, uneven pigment and renewing the skin’s surface. Research has shown that a combination treatment using the Nordlys Selective Waveband Technology (SWT) followed by the FRAX 1550 produces an even better result. And because the surface of the skin is left intact, you recover very quickly.

Can I Be Treated?
The FRAX 1550 treatment is not ideal for removing deep “active” wrinkles (those caused by movement), but it will help reduce fine lines, improve pigment concerns, stimulate collagen and reduce pore size. The Nordlys has pre-programmed settings for different skin types to deliver the correct energy output for your complexion. Treatments aren’t limited to the face, neck, décolletage, or arms.

What Can I Expect During the Treatment?
The FRAX 1550 treatment normally involves the use of local numbing cream, which is applied 30 minutes before treatment. Typical treatments take 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated. It is important to avoid sun exposure and self-tanning products before and during the treatment period. It is possible to treat tanned skin, but sun exposure prior to the treatment can make it less effective and less comfortable. For better results, use a normal moisturizing cream before and after the treatment. Talk to you provider if you are prone to acne breakouts or cold sores.  The treatment may be a little uncomfortable, which is why we recommend the use of numbing cream. After the numbing wears off, you may have a few hours where your skin feels warm to hot.

What can I Expect Afterwards?
After the treatment, you should avoid sun exposure for 30 days, or use sun protection (minimum 30+ SPF) if sun exposure cannot be avoided. You may experience swelling and redness, similar to a mild-sunburn for the first day or two. Though unusual, light peeling of the skin may also occur. DO NOT pick at the skin if any crusting or flaking is noted. Typically you will be offered a course of 3-4 FRAX treatments, but if you have darker skin your provider may decide to offer a longer course of gentler treatments.

If you have any other questions regarding these Nordlys Lasers or our current specials, please feel free to call our office at 303-796-8200.